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Many insurance companies collect telematics data about drivers’ exposure to traffic (distance driven and type of road) and their driving behavior (excess speed, aggressiveness, operating hours). Actuaries, who are experts in risk analysis for insurers, use this information to improve the insurance rate-making process. Personalized driving risk indicators can also promote driving safety.
The starting point is data collected from inertial measurement units installed in vehicles, combined with the corresponding records of accidents. We will address the most relevant current challenges in driving risk measurement.

Illustrations with several real data sets provided by insurance companies will answer questions:

How should pay-per-mile insurance schemes be designed?How can near-miss telematics be used to identify risky drivers?What is the power of risk analytics, percentile charts, and reference curves to monitor drivers?
We will emphasize the enormous potential of this field to design better insurance products and improve safety. We will perhaps be able to guess why Tesla is urgently looking for actuaries in the last few weeks.


Montserrat Guillen has a Ph.D. in Economics, MSc in Mathematical Statistics, and MA in Data Analysis. Professor at the University of Barcelona & Director of Riskcenter – Research Group on Risk in Insurance and Finance. Montserrat is a specialist in Actuarial Science and Insurance. Top-ten cited author (ResearchGate). Optimistic likes understanding data and mitigating risks. Loves having friends from around the world.